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Welcome to Victor's Videos LLC , we offer full service video production, digital video editing, professional wedding videography and corporate video production. We use state-of-the-art broadcast quality 3-chip digital cameras and non-linear digital editing equipment for superior quality and stunning effects. All videos are delivered on Blu-ray disc featuring up to 4 times the clarity of DVD

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Before the wedding, many people feel like they don't need a wedding video. 
The reasons I most often hear are "It's too expensive." Or, 
"I have a photographer already." 
Another that I often hear is "I don't want someone bothering my guests." 
A good video doesn't have to be any of these. 
The Day Flys By 
What most people don't realize is how much they will miss on the wedding day. 
Statistics show that on average, a bride and groom will miss 75% of what 
happened throughout the day! Many brides don't believe this, before the wedding! 
Whether it was because you were at a table talking to family, outside for pictures, 
or just freshening up in the bridal room, the day flies by. A good videographer 
will focus on many of the things that you would otherwise never know happened. 
After The Wedding 
Video gains its value down the road. Will you watch your video everyday? 
Probably not. But, in 5, 10 years after the wedding, when most of the memories have faded, that's when you look back and are glad you got a video. 
Some people think that pictures are enough. Yes, they are a huge part of the day. But having the video along with the pictures adds a whole new dimension and level of emotion. You can relive the excitement of listening to your vows, and your first dance. You can see the tear in your father's eye as you do your father/daughter dance. You can laugh as you listen to the best man toast. Imagine how interesting it would be to watch your grandparents wedding with crystal clear video, perfect sound, and seamless transitions. 
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, then I believe that a video is worth a thousand pictures.

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